J-Rod Stages Friend Zone Telethon to Break 20-Hour Facebook Livestream Record

Today, Jarrod “J-Rod” Tanner announced that he will attempt to call break the 20-hour standing live stream record on Facebook by calling all 5,000 of his personal Facebook friends.He will offer free advice on how-to get out of the friend zone for good based on material from his first book, The Friend Zone Playbook. He has elected to spread the word to each and every one of his personal ”friends” on Facebook by calling them via Messenger and sparking conversations. In the social media age it is rare to reach the capacity of 5,000 friends, however it is unheard of to personally call each person via Facebook simply to have a conversation. J-Rod stands to be the first to do this with his Friend Zone Telethon that will take place in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Saturday, November 19th, 2016 starting at 8:30am EST.


Jarrod “J-Rod” Tanner is a well known local celebrity in the local Hampton Roads, Virginia area. He is notable for his years as one of the top VJ’s on WNSB’s Hot 91.1 radio station of Norfolk State University, and his appearance on the local reality show “I Got This” on Fox 43. He has turned his own experiences of dating and navigating love as a young adult into a manual for others and is eager to spread the word starting with his local social audience. 


To gain momentum prior to his national book release on Cyber Monday, November 28th, 2016, he will execute the following tactics:

  • Personally calling each Facebook friend he has via Messenger (on his personal page facebook.com/janthonytanner)
  • Live streaming his process and all the behind-the-scenes antics with his real friends and a few additional notable local faces to the Hampton Roads area (on his public page facebook.com/jtalk100)
  • Sharing exclusive insights, tips, and stories with viewers from The Friend Zone Playbook


About Jarrod “J-Rod” Tanner: J-Rod has been a dreamer, creator and entrepreneur since his childhood in the Bronx, New York. His love of the arts continued in relocating to Virginia Beach, Virginia at age 14 with his parents and only intensified while studying Mass Communications at Norfolk State University. While at NSU he joined an R&B group called Lot 14 which traveled the country touring and winning the hearts of fans everywhere; they won Amateur Night at the Apollo and even incited a label bidding war before disbanding after six years. He used his charm and the social media presence he gained with the group to land a spot on the local radio station WNSB Hot 91.1. J-Rod entered the station as a brand new evening show disc-jockey and instantly introduced the surround Hampton Roads cities to his own version of a morning show in the evening time. This format proved successful and lead the competitive stations in the area to challenge his ratings. Life after college, has afforded him multiple opportunities to travel the world co-writing with his friend Jay Pharoah (formerly of Saturday Night Live) and sparked many passion projects including The Repost Show, a hip-hop talk show and The Friend Zone Playbook. The Friend Zone Playbook is the first of a series of Playbooks poised to offer practical life advice to young adults as they navigate the world of being and becoming an adult. 

J Rod Tanner

Los Angeles. New York. Virginia