Stop Telling On Yourself! (why you should keep your love issues off of social media)

Bet he's not smiling right now...

Bet he's not smiling right now...

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Today, another celebrity tried to blast their former lover! Rob Kardashian took to IG to take jabs at his BM Blac Chyna. While entertaining for some of us, in the end, it goes back to something that I never could quite understand; why do people insist on putting their bullsh*t on social media? What do you REALLY get from it? Where are your friends to tell you to put the phone down? Where’s your therapist? Where’s your pride? Here’s a few reasons why it’s dumb to put your relationship’s dirty laundry out on social media; just in case you think about hitting the post button the next time someone hurts your feelings!


Everybody Has An Opinion

It doesn’t matter how right you think you are, somebody is gonna think that you’re wrong as hell! Even if the guy you’re sleeping with just gave you an STD, somebody is going to say that it was your fault for trusting him. Even if she Blac Chyna, somebody is going to tell you that you should’ve known better! Nothing worst than trying to tell your truth and someone saying you should’ve been seen all the lies! If they ain’t lived it, they can’t TRULY feel you!


It’s Your Business, Not Everybody Else

Don’t you get mad when somebody is out there talking about you that doesn’t even know you? Then why the hell would you tell a bunch of people shit that doesn’t concern them? No one needs to know about your bad decisions. It makes you look weak and thirsty for attention; and if you’re a guy, it definitely makes you look like a petty ass punk! Keep your business, YOUR BUSINESS!!!


No One REALLY Cares

We might laugh or “feel” for you but, don’t nobody give a damn about your relationship problems, we all got problems! The people who actually care probably have heard about your issues way before you posted them so, who new is really coming to your defense? Don’t make the mistake that most do, those likes don’t mean people care!


In The End, You’re Just Embarrassing Yourself

While you’re posting pictures and videos and audio and words to try to expose the other person, you’re really exposing yourself! When you show us the shit that another person has been putting you through, you’re showing us how easy it was to make you look like a fool. You’re out here looking like a duck! Take your L in silence because when you don’t the only person that looks foolish is you!


When it’s all said and done, yes it’s sad that you got you’re feelings hurt but putting all your heartbreak on Social Media is some Sucka Ass Sh*t! Take your broken heart and go mend it else where besides your phone because when the post have gotten old and the jokes have died down, you’re still gonna be left dealing with the hurt…Everybody being a part of that doesn’t do anything but make it worst.



J Rod Tanner

Los Angeles. New York. Virginia