5 Ways To Tell If The Person You're Dating Is The One!!!


You are suppose to court for marriage! At least that’s what you’ve be told if you have ever been around any super Christians and the subject of dating comes up. To be honest, I agree with this sentiment. You should be dating people with the intentions on seeing if this can be someone that you will one day marry. That being said, the emphasis is definitely on the word should! We should do a lot of things that we don’t and when it comes to dating, that is especially true. You go from person to person whether dating for marriage or fun, finding out the things that you do like and things that you don’t. All of this usually leads you to that one person that you could possibly see yourself settling down for. As a matter of fact, let’s change that because I don’t believe you should ever SETTLE for a person. You don’t “settle down” with the one you love, you “level up”! Anyway, if you think you found the person you’re going to “level up” with, make sure that you can put a check mark by these 5 crucial things.


You Don’t Imagine a Future, You See it!

It’s very easy for me to imagine what it would be like to get with Jennifer Lopez! I’ve been in love with her since Selena! However, imaging a very vivid tale of our love isn’t real! If you can’t literally foresee and conceptualize your life with that person, there’s probably a good reason for that. It might be something as simple as you haven’t had enough time to really get to know the person but it could also mean that somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that this situation has an expiration date, even if you don’t know when it is. If you’re not thinking about what life will be like with the person you’re with, chances are you’re not going to be with them for the rest of your life!


 You Can Be Still

The person that you’re dating should bring a certain excitement to your life but they should also be able to calm your spirits; you need both! You also have to be ok with both. Non-Verbal communication is almost as important to a relationship as laughter is. That’s because it shows a unique type of awareness and understanding that you don’t get with conversation. Be comfortable with sharing silence with your mate because there won’t always be shit to talk about. After you’ve been dating a while, you should be able to have quiet moments with your partner without any problems. In the “getting to know” phase that might be difficult but eventually it should happen without thought. This is not to say that talking is bad but if they’re the one, the silent moments will be able to speak volumes on the durability of your relationship.  


They’re You’re Life Support(er)

Unless you’re playing for someone’s sports team, you don’t need a cheerleader, but what you do need is someone to be your EVERLASTing supporter!  The person that is meant to be in your life for the long run has many duties, one of them being the Ambassador of Support. The person you’re with may not always 100% agree with you but they should always have your back, no matter what. The support that is received as well as given should never be with any strings attached and should always come from a genuine place. They should feel as excited about your wins as you and push you to continue fighting when you experience losses. This support should also be truthful. Ain’t no fakin’ and you really shouldn’t expect any. If this is the relationship that you’re betting the house on then the only thing faking does is prolongs the truth that you will meet together eventually. Support from your mate is paramount because in the end, it is both of you against the world!


You Can Both Be You

There is nothing like being happy with somebody but it’s even better when you can be happy with yourself while being with that special person. If you seriously think that the person you’re with could be the one, you better make certain that they have fallen in love with the who you are, not who you want them to think you are. That doesn’t mean you have to be farting all over the place to show how “real” you are but, that does mean that they should have a full view and understanding of all the different notes that make up your personal song. With that, you both feel very comfortable with sharing that song; be comfortable with completely sharing the you that you see. The people, the events, the thoughts, the joys, the angers, the beliefs, the expectations should be known by each of you. They should be respected and digested. If this hasn’t happened, how can you know if you’re meant for each other; you don’t even know each other.


You Protect Your Investment

Saying that a person is, “the one” is a very bold statement that should not be taken lightly. With saying that, you should make sure that nothing or no one comes into direct conflict with your relationship. Anything that doesn’t mean your relationship good should be kept away from your relationship. People, places… yeah, pretty much, keep all bad nouns away. You are giving your emotions to another and trusting them to be benevolent and thoughtful with them. In return, you must strive to keep the expected life long bond that you share with your mate, safe and out of controllable danger. If you love you relationship, protect your relationship. Don’t sacrifice your ultimate happiness because of negligence.

J Rod Tanner

Los Angeles. New York. Virginia