Get Him To Commit in 2017 by Doing This!!!


Get Him To Commit in 2017 by Doing This!!!

2017 is here! While you’re trying to finish up (and possibly forget) all the things that 2016 had to offer, it’s also time to make sure that you’re preparing yourself to receive EVERYTHING you want in the new year. While it’s important to focus on career, family, traveling, and things of that nature, don’t forget to take account of the goals that are connected to your heart! If you’re in a relationship (or situationship) that seems to be stalling, you need to take action before you spend another year wishing that man in your life would give you more! Sometimes, men need a little help in the commitment department, below will guide you on how to do just that!




          Be a friend.

I don’t know the man that you want to commit to you but I do know this, he needs to have a reason to want to be around you, besides sex! A man has to feel like being around you is not a chore, but a choice! That man needs to know that you are not only his friend, but his best friend! When this happens, he will likely want to keep you as close as possible.



Know what you’re looking for.

Before you can get him to commit to a relationship with you, you must first know what it is that you’re really after. Do you need someone to be there financially? Do you want someone who can deal with your busy schedule? Is that baby clock ticking and you need someone that’s ready to get to kid creating? Whatever, it is, know it for yourself so that you can clearly convey that to someone else! If he can sense that you don’t REALLY know what you want in regards to a relationship, why on earth would he want to give you one? Don’t nobody want to commit to confusion! 



If you’re gonna have sex, be good at it!

In my book, “The Friend Zone Playbook”, I discuss why, “Sex isn’t important until you start having it with a person.” Gone are the days of women waiting until marriage for that special intimate moment! Women want sex and want it now like a J.G. Wentworth commercial! If you’re going to take that step with the one you want to commit with, make sure you’re not trash in bed! What’s one way to tell if you’re trash in bed? He’s not coming back for more! There are people that say, “If you give it to him without a relationship, he won’t have a reason to commit.” But there are a lot of men who won’t commit without it! Just remember, if you know your sex game isn’t up to par, watch a few movies and/or ask your girlfriends for some pointers before you get back in that sack!



                                 Make sure he’s ready.

Don’t allow your wants to blind you. Find out if that man really wants to take the relationship to the next level. Not only should you listen to his words but you should also take his actions into account! If he’s not looking to spend time with you, not interested in communicating with you, rather be with his friends than with you, not planning OUTSIDE interactions with you, chances are, that man is not ready, willing, or wanting to commit to you!



Stop thinking he needs you.

For a lot of women, it’s hard to understand why a man wouldn’t readily commit to someone who is showing qualities of “wifey”. Lonely women usually have a tendency to think that if you give a man what he needs, the man will realize that he needs you. This is so far from the truth! Most men will encounter a lot of women that want to give him everything but, if that everything doesn’t come from the one you truly want, it means nothing! Take your ego and the things that your grandma said would get and keep you a man, out of your head! This doesn’t mean the man you want, doesn’t have needs, it just means you need to make sure he wants you to give it to him.



                    Throw his a** in the Friend Zone!

I decided to write my book, “The Friend Zone Playbook”, after giving advice to one of my closest friends. She was having trouble getting the guy that she was involved with to commit. After listening to her situation, I could see that the best thing for her to do was to make him uncomfortable. Men can have the tendency to get comfortable in a situation if you seem content with him giving the bare minimum to make the situation last. By putting the guy you want to commit  inside of the friend zone, you immediately take the life vest away and force him to either sink or swim! If he really wants to commit to you, he will do what he has to in order to get back into your intimate good graces. If not, he leaves and you don’t have to waste any more of your precious time!




Not when all else fails, but in order for you to see if he’s the man you should be wanting to give your all to! If you know God like I know him, you know that if you pray and wait, all answers will be revealed. If you don’t believe in God…hopefully he believes in you so that he’ll give you an answer about that man you’re looking for that commitment from!

J Rod Tanner

Los Angeles. New York. Virginia